HERO Solution

A 5-system solution for complete functional movement rehabilitation

Users Say

  • The way of doing movement rehabilitation is changing every day and we have to adapt to it. We have chosen Motek’s HERO Solution after the opportunity to test it, because it adjusts to the modernization process that we have started in our rehabilitation service. Its potential is huge! ”

    Dr. Jaime Horta, MD, Medical Specialist for Physical Rehabilitation, Centre Hospitalier de Mouscron, Belgium

  • Because it challenges you more, you don’t want to stop. I am a person that, when it gets too heavy, usually thinks “Okay, never mind”. But when you train with these games, you think “Okay, it’s ten seconds left, you can do it. Ten seconds more, ten kilograms more...” and then you push yourself further than you would normally do. ”

    Emma Haas, Post COVID-19 Patient at Fysiotherapie Kamphuis en Hof, The Netherlands

  • We run our entire clinic on the FysioRoadmap software, which enables us to treat multiple patients per therapist. Patients work often independently on the individual HERO devices. They control the right intensity on a functional level while patients stay challenged and motivated. The software controls and monitors all assessments and therapeutic sessions and delivers great data for reporting and optimizing the clinic. ”

    Femke Piek, PT, Clinic Owner, Sports- and Rehabilitation Center Kennemerland, The Netherlands