3D Bodyweight

All-directional. Natural.

Users Say

  • RYSEN has solved many of the technical issues that limited the functionality of previous systems. The user interface is intuitive and the possibility to adjust the forces in multiple directions provides unprecedented opportunities for gait rehabilitation and research. ”

    Grégorie Courtine, PhD , Neuroscientist, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Switzerland

  • With the RYSEN we can train various aspects of walking in a safe, nonrestrictive environment. Patients can really move around freely and explore the tasks, obstacles or other challenges provided by the therapist. The children especially value to practice tasks in combination with the large floor projection game scenarios. This really motivates them to practice walking for a longer time. ”

    Prof. Dr. Huub van Hedel, PT, Head of Research and Robotic Lower Extremity, Swiss Children’s Rehab, University Children’s Hospital Zurich