Motek’s Real-Time
and Offline Software

What is so special about them

While our hardware systems are the body that bring your research and treatment desires into reality, our software is the heart that brings it alive. No need for 3rd party packages. Our own solutions offer you not only both real-time and offline data collection and gait analysis, but also the opportunity to create your very own protocols and applications.

D-Flow, HBM and GOAT are already integrated in our CAREN and GRAIL systems and available for purchase for the M-Gait.

RYSEN and C-Mill are operated by their own individual software.



Visual Programming & System Control

The total solution for our hardware devices. Seamlessly combine applications and power the display of virtual scenes alongside your treadmill and motion platforms. Adjust challenge parameters with ease and achieve reliable results to help you meet your objectives.



Human Body Model

Model the complete human body with real-time biomechanics and clinical gait analysis. Facilitate analysis of joint kinematics and kinetics, as well as estimation and visualisation of muscle function to create highly accurate motion insights and information.



Gait Offline Analysis Tool

The valuable online/offline software that will help you quickly gather insight into data quality during collection. Synchronise data visualisation of video images, 3D data, and gait graphs to form reliable data. Report and analyse multiple gait cycle’s data with our user-friendly software.

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