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With you every step of the way

Hard- and Software are only one step. Just like you have to know how to best employ your research or clinical analysis data, knowing what your purpose leads to in terms of what the most suitable product isits installment and how to use it in the best way possible, is equally vital to its success. 

And just like you are dedicated to your study or patient, we are dedicated to give you the very best solution and experience through the additional services we provide – both optional and complimentary. 

Planning & Installation (Included)

From the very earliest stage of your Motek journey, our project management team is on hand to assure you are best served at any time. We support you through pre-sale, commissioning, engineering and onboarding, right through to site prep and managing expectations.

Our global experience of working with local architects and subcontractors everywhere from Australia to Zhangzhou, allows us to mitigate localization risks and bridge operational gaps to make your setup aspirations a reality.

With our in-depth experience in the field, we can help you with local regulation compliance (such as flooding, fire, and earthquake) and translation of drawings or manuals, as well as provide insight into desired configuration feasibility.

Complimentary Training (Included)

Benefit from high-quality complimentary training to ensure you can safely and efficiently improve human performance with your Motek device. Provided by a Motek expert or certified external instructor, our on-site training enables participants to confidently conduct a practical assessment and engaging therapy.

Over one to six days, depending on the device, we deliver you the knowledge to positively operate your system, safety features, data management, and resulting outcomes. No previous Motek device experience required.

With some devices (CAREN, GRAIL, and M-Gait), we also provide an additional advanced training session, months after the initial training, to build on your basic knowledge. It is also possible to choose your modules for customized instruction.

Additional On-Site Support (Optional)

Gain additional support for patient therapy sessions. Benefit from having an experienced instructor supervise and assist during clinical practice at any point following your standard clinical training.

We support you by delivering in-depth practical recommendations and advice that improve user confidence for working with Motek devices.

Get more from your clinical setup with our in house service that can take you one step further than Motek solution’s initial complimentary training.

Research Services (Optional)

Utilize our team of experts for additional support and guidance with your CAREN, GRAIL or M-Gait research setup.

Benefit from advice on protocol design, application development, pilot experimental set up and protocol and application improvements. Plus receive the D-Flow Application Toolbox and Lua libraries to speed up your application development.

With our team of PhDs and MScs in Biomedical Engineering, Computer Science, Physical Therapy and Human Movement Science, we are here to help you gain the most from your research. With a wealth of experience in planning and execution using Motek products, we provide additional understanding of your setup’s scientific, technical and clinical requirements.

Technical Services

High-quality, technical assistance for your clinical applications. Straight-forward, open communication with our team of highly trained technicians and support staff.

Receive support for remote troubleshooting and technical issues, calibration services, and on-site installation, repairs, and maintenance from our experienced field service team. Contact us by phone or mail. We’re always happy to help.

As a service partner of Motek, you can also benefit from extensive technical training and local support. So you are well equipped and able to apply knowledge with confidence.

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