CAREN the Motekforce Link’s leading product, a hardware and software system for registration, evaluation and training of functional human behaviour. This biomechanical lab consists of a motion base, motion capture, a projection screen and the D-Flow software.

What is CAREN?

The Computer Assisted Rehabilitation ENvironment (CAREN) is a versatile, multi sensory system for clinical analysis, rehabilitation, evaluation and registration of the human balance system. The use of virtual reality enables researchers to assess the subject’s behavior and includes sensory inputs like visual, auditory, vestibular and tactile.

World's most advanced Biomechanical Lab

World's most advanced Biomechanical Lab

The functionality of the CAREN system is unique in the world and is being used by some of the best and most advanced clinical and research facilities. Our client base includes: Cleveland Clinic, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Brooke Army Medical Center and many others.

Custom Design that fits your needs

Custom Design that fits your needs

The CAREN system can be tailor-made for each client with options to extend the virtual reality projection, kinetic and kinematic add-ons, wireless EMG and other device integration using our D-Flow software. We also offer the CAREN in three typical setups ranging from a balance orientated setup with flat screen projection to a full dome with dual belt treadmill.

Broad Range of Functionality

Broad Range of Functionality

The CAREN can be used in many different types of research and clinical paradigms, patient populations and fields of interest. To find out more about the different applications go to our literature section.




“I’ve been at the rehab centre for over two years now, and I’ve seen people come in a wheelchair and leave walking without a cane. It’s such a nice feeling to know that the CAREN system is doing such positive work.”

CAREN Explained

In this video you can see how the CAREN is used at the Military Rehabilitation Center in Doorn. You can find more videos in our youtube playlist here.


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