OpenSim versus Human Body Model

Have a look at the latest paper from the group of prof. dr. Ilse Jonkers, KU Leuven, in collaboration with Ton van den Bogert, Cleveland State University, and our Research & Development department, comparing the Human Body Model 2.0 and the OpenSim gait2392 model.

Gait analysis results were compared using the two different models in seven healthy adults. It was found that the patterns over the gait cycle were similar, but there were statistically significant differences in kinematics, kinetics and muscle forces. The differences can be explained by different choices in the underlying models, in areas where there is no consensus about the most valid choice. It is concluded that both HBM and OpenSim can be used for this purpose, as long as the same model is used for the normative data and the data that is to be interpreted.

Reference: A. Falisse et al. “OpenSim Versus Human Body Model: A Comparison Study for the Lower Limbs During Gait.”, Journal of Applied Biomechanics, 2018.