Why We Do What We Do – Mike Jones Visits Motek

Amsterdam/Culemborg, The Netherlands

After producing and releasing his emotional story earlier this year together with DIH’s UK distribution partner Summit Medical & Scientific, Motek invited amputee patient, ambitious golfer and – by now, motivational speaker Mike Jones to its offices and production hall in The Netherlands.

There he supported the first ever ”Motek Academy Week” in both demonstrating devices to interested parties and telling his compelling rehabilitation story, and how robotics played a big part in it.

Maybe even more importantly, Mike gladly took up the offer to talk directly to Motek’s own staff members, travelling to the heart of development and production situated in Culemborg. Not having as many chances to be in direct contact with customers and patients as maybe other departments, it is these colleagues (and respectively the Hocoma colleagues in Volketswil) that literally build the very core of our business.

Mike’s presentation right at the C-Mill’s assembly line was followed by a Q&A session providing staff members with the opportunity to ask about and draw from all aspects of Mike’s personal experiences, emotional-, therapy- and technical-wise.

As the much longer-as-anticipated session and individual reactions showed, the talk was a big and impactful success. And reminded staff members on what everybody agreed on when joining any DIH brand: This is why we do what we do. Changing lives.

The full recording is available to all DIH staff members and sales partners.