Webinar: Advanced human movement science and rehabilitation - An outlook from a visionary

In this webinar, Motek founder Oshri Even-Zohar is discussing pioneering technologies for research and clinical rehabilitation​.

Motek’s founder Oshri Even-Zohar will look at the past, present, and future of advanced rehabilitation technology for human movement research and clinical rehabilitation. Oshri is a pioneer in motion capturing for both entertainment and medical purposes, as well as real-time data processing for interactive and dynamic Virtual Reality environments. His development of the Computer Assisted Rehabilitation Environment and the real-time musculoskeletal Human Body Model is still, after almost 15 years, the state of the art in the field. 

Oshri Even-Zohar

Oshri Even-Zohar founded Motek as motion capture and animation Studio in 1993. He is specialized in developing new technologies for Medical, Stimulation, and Entertainment. ​