Webinar: How to boost human movement research and clinical rehabilitation. Live CAREN demonstration at Military Rehabilitation Center Aardenburg

In this webinar, you will learn how advanced technology creates endless opportunities for human movement research and treatment.

Advanced technology enables researchers to create cutting-edge research protocols, to study both fundamental and applied research of human movement performance. Additionally, that same advanced technology offers a safe and challenging environment for clinical rehabilitation of any motor impairment.

  1. This webinar presents the experiences of the Military Rehabilitation Center with the CAREN and how this advanced technology allows their facility to perform unique research and positioned them in a favorable spot for research collaborations.
  2. It will also be discussed why the CAREN is of additional value to conventional therapy in their facility and how the system allows for high-end total body rehabilitation by immersing the patient in interactive and dynamic virtual environments while challenging them using the 6 degrees of freedom movable platform.
  3. Examples of research and rehabilitation possibilities of the CAREN will be shown in a live demonstration.​