New Applications and Update to Gait Offline Analysis Tool 4.1

Motek just released six brand new applications and brought important updates to its Gait Offline Analysis Tool (GOAT).

New Applications

Owners of Motek’s Gait Suite were just made available an update to version 3.2, which includes four new applications: the Split-Belt Trainer, the Perturbation Trainer, the Stepping Challenge and Dance Creature Dance. These engaging “serious games” especially address topics like motor learning studies, gait asymmetries after stroke, fall prevention and gait adaptability.

In addition to these four, the two further applications are available now: Kite Flyer, an application challenging both lower- and upper-body activity, with very scalable difficulty levels, developed in collaboration with Maarten Prins from the Military Rehabilitation Centre Aardenburg (MRC) in Doorn, and Target Hit: an application in which the subject needs to hit different types of targets with their feet, knees, or hands, and also need to land their feet in a controlled manner.

GOAT Update Version 4.1

We are also pleased to announce a new update to the GOAT software. This latest update includes improved gait reporting functionality with more spatiotemporal parameters available. Customized reporting is now even easier by use of the tag system. Auto-filtering of valid strides when loading a new trial has also been improved.

We hope you will enjoy working with this new release!

All updates and installers, or the software itself, can be requested through our Support Department.