Global launch & demo event

Tale of a HERO.

A complete functional movement therapy solution, born in a time of crisis.

Created during the pandemic crisis, and named after the real heroes of this time: the healthcare workers, the HERO Solution offers a full, attainable system for the treatment of movement disorders and conditions.

Learn how it can benefit your clinic and advance your own rehabilitation efforts.
Join us on 2nd December at 3pm (GMT+1). 

When patients experience neurological disordersorthopedic conditions, or when they are stuck with long-term immobilization, for example, due to COVID-19 infections, mobility problems can arise. It is the HERO Solution’s job to rise with them and offer a high-level rehabilitation response for early and all-round treatment.

Brought to life in cooperation between Motek Medical and Monitored Rehab Systems, the HERO Solution offers a set of 4 hardware devices, synchronized by smart and user-friendly software that provides therapists with the treatment options for functional strengthgait & balancecoordination, and motor control.
We will demonstrate how the system makes planning and treatment easy as it guides therapists through assessments and interventions on the individual devices and helps motivating patients on the path to recovery

Webinar panelists

Dr. Frans Steenbrink
Motek Medical / DIH

Dr. Frans Steenbrink is with Motek for over 10 years being involved in product development, clinical applications, and leading several national and international research projects. As a physical therapist with a Ph.D. in Human Movement Sciences, he focusses now on market development to build the Motek brand within the DIH family.​

Frank Duijff
Monitored Rehab Systems / DIH

Frank Duijff already established several successful physical therapy clinics. Based on his own experiences and driven by the wishes he saw from physical therapists and patients, he started the company Monitored Rehab Systems, which has also become part of the DIH family. As CEO of MRS, he developed both hard- and software solutions, aiming for the highest possible level of rehabilitation for therapists and patients.