We proudly present you our new software CueFors 2. CueFors 2 is a redesigned software package to operate the C-Mill containing new features, new presentation of the results and improved user interface. During the last two years we developed CueFors 2 in collaboration with software developers, human movement scientists, physical therapists and our customers.

Training protocols

Training protocols

In order to use your valuable treatment time with your patient as good as possible, standard protocols are provided with CueFors 2. Quickly analyse the gait impairments of a new patient with a measurement protocol or train specifically the avoidance of obstacles with a training protocol. Just select and play one of the standard protocols which have been developed in collaboration with our customers, human movement scientists and physical therapists.

You rather prefer to create your own protocol? Do you want to share a protocol with other therapists? This can easily be obtained with CueFors 2. Add the applications you prefer and configure the settings to the needs of you and your patient.



In order to train your patient as optimal as possible, new applications have been developed. Has your patient difficulties in adjusting the step width? Try our new tandem application and train your patients step width. Or train specifically the slalom capabilities with our new slalom application. Additionally, the redesigned tracks allow you to train your patients gait in a functional motivating as well

And of course we still provide you with the applications you were used to: train a patients gait with our stepping stones application or train obstacle avoidance with your patient in order to let them walk safely.



As a therapist you want to train a patient as optimal as possible, therefore it is essential to monitor your patients performance and adjust the training to a patients’ capabilities. With CueFors 2 the results of a measurement or training can be viewed easily. and reports are quickly generated. For each application, results are shown separately and stored automatically which leads to a clear overview of a patients performance.

The picture shows an example of the results in CueFors 2. General gait parameters as step length, step time and step width are shown in a table and the pattern of the centre of pressure is displayed as well.

Progression over time

Progression over time

Do you want to see the progression of your patient over time? Select the progression view to see your patients progress for a specific gait parameter.


A researcher desires other functionalities of software compared to a clinician. CueFors 2 has been designed for both users. A clinician can easily create and play a protocol and view the results. In addition to this, a researcher can manually control the projection on the treadmill, is provided with live gait data and can export data for analysis with own software.

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