Compensate for measurement errors due to force platform movement

Have a look at the latest paper from the group of prof. dr. Ton van den Bogert, Cleveland State University, in collaboration with our Research & Development department, about the compensation for inertial and gravity effects in a moving force platform.

An instrumented treadmill mounted on a moveable platform allows for functional gait analysis with balance perturbations and up and down hill walking. However, such platform movements induce large errors in force measurements due to inertial and gravitational artifacts, making it impossible to calculate joint moments. This paper introduces a simple accelerometer-based method to compensate for such errors, reducing the errors to acceptable levels for human gait analysis (<2Nm).

Reference: S. K. Hnat, B. J. H. van Basten, and A. J. van den Bogert, “Compensation for inertial and gravity effects in a moving force platform.,” J. Biomech., May 2018.