GOAT 3.2: Compare gait kinematics and kinetics between trials



The new release of GOAT is here!

We are pleased to announce the release of GOAT 3.2. This release will host a number of new features and bug fixes.

The biggest improvement for this version is the ‘compare’ function which makes it possible to overlay the graphs of two separate trials (see figure below for an impression).

We have also added the option to make remarks so the interpretation and comments of the session can be stored within the report.

The installer is available in the client portal:

Release notes can be found here or in the installer:

Figure: The new compare function enables you overlay two trails  and visualize them in the report. The purple and green overlays are two separate sessions togheter with the normative data presented in grey. (data in this example is not representative of any practical situation and is just used as visualization)

Webinar Session

We are going to provide an online session to show you the new features of the GOAT. These sessions will last 30 minutes and give you the opportunity to get more insights in the functionality of the software. There will also be time for Q/A.

Four different time slots are available for these sessions. Please let us know which time slot works best for you by filling in this form:  or by responding to this email with your availability.

Possible time slots are:

Thursday 21st of April    9AM UTC+1 (EUROPE)
Thursday 21st of April    9AM EST (U.S.) / 3 PM UTC+1 (EUROPE)
Tuesday  26th of April    9AM UTC+1 (EUROPE)
Tuesday  26th of April    9AM EST (U.S.) / 3 PM UTC+1 (EUROPE)

Future Developments

The next few months we will be working hard on the development of the new version of the Human Body Model and improvements on the usability of EMG in D-Flow 3.24  (muscle mapping, figure below). We have also heard a lot of request for a ‘quick analysis’ function in GOAT, where users want to rapidly and objectively compare multiple recorded gait trials (e.g. different types/or tuning of clinical aids).

If you would like to be involved in these developments please let me know so we can give you the latest ‘beta’ release of our software for evaluation.

With kind regards,

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