Cuefors 2.1: train early to late rehabilitation with the C-Mill



Release CueFors 2.1: train early to late rehabilitation
We are pleased to announce the release of CueFors 2.1! This software update enables you to train patients in all stages of rehabilitation using specific applications for standing, stepping and walking. These applications are bundled in a balance suite and VR suite allowing you to train and assess patients in all stages of rehabilitation. For a selected customer group (CueFors 2 customers) we provide the balance and VR suite for free during the introduction of CueFors 2.1. Also new is the introduction of a Software Maintenance contract, providing you each time with the latest updates. Please contact our support department or your local distributor for pricing information.

Balance on the C-Mill
Balance is vital to everyday activities such as sit to stand movements and walking. Just about everything we do in our daily life, whether for work or leisure, requires balance control. For an optimal recovery of impaired balance, early onset of rehabilitation is essential. With the balance suite on the C-Mill, balance can be assessed and trained from the early stages of rehabilitation, allowing an improved transition into gait training. All videos of the Balance suite can be found on our YouTube channel.

Video of balance training on the C-Mill
Balance trainings on the C-Mill

Automated walking and dual tasking
Train patients across a broader range of the rehabilitation process by triggering them to look forward. Automated movements and dual tasking can be trained using the various applications on the front display in combination with objects projected on the treadmill. Let your patient walk through an Italian Alp village to train dynamic stability while looking forward. Or walk through a natural environment while feedback on gait parameters is provided. All videos of the VR suite can be found on our YouTube channel.

Video of front display application on the C-Mill
Training while looking forward

New tracks: Enjoyable, functional and motivating training
Make the training even more enjoyable, functional and motivating for your patients. Let them walk in a beach or forest environment with matching sounds and objects. Challenge kids while walking and trigger them to make step adaptations with projections and sounds of animals as giraffes or rabbits.
These new features in CueFors 2.1 offer a bigger training variety for patients of all ages.

Examples of track objects in CueFors 2.1

C-Gait assessment
In order to determine what training is necessary for a patient or to monitor progress, a patient’s performance needs to be assessed. C-Gait assessment visualizes the functional walking proficiency or gait adaptability. It also determines the baseline level of several walking adaptability tasks such as visually guided stepping, tandem walking, obstacle avoidance, slalom walking, reaction to unexpected situations and speed adaptation. After the assessment the scores of each task will be presented in the following spider diagram.C-Gait is a study in cooperation between Motekforce Link and VU University, performed by PhD student Celine Timmermans. C-Gait is part of a study which is currently performed in the Netherlands. In this study the feasibility of a standardized and automatized patient-tailored C-Mill training protocol is studied. Please check following video for more information.

Visualisation of C-Gait assessment results in a spider diagram

C-Mill Clinical guideline
The C-Mill can be used to improve the patient’s treatment process by offering objective assessment protocols and targeted training options. This guideline describes the clinical workflow on the C-Mill and explains the different categories stand, step or walk with their corresponding treatment goals, assessments and training for patients with balance and walking impairments. The guideline is available together with the CueFors 2.1 update. Contact our support department for more information.

Use CueFors 2.1 now!
Are you interested in using CueFors 2.1 to benefit from all the new exiting features? Please do not hesitate to contact our support department for more information and to upgrade your system!

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